Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, and Bluetooth – Hickory/Black

Multi-room music systems with one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi sound
Countless music sources including FM radio, internet radio, Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity
No phone or device needed for most functions

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Product Description

Roughly translated, “Solo” in Italian means “alone”. You will feel anything but that when listening to Como Audio’s Solo, because Solo unlocks a world of musical entertainment. Be it tuning an Internet radio station from the other side of the globe, enjoying one of 30+ million songs from Spotify Connect, or streaming music via Bluetooth wireless technology, let Solo be your music concierge.

From the Manufacturer

Simple, yet elegantly sophisticated

Solo is much more than just a radio, it is a “smart speaker”. It begins with a nearly half inch-thick MDF wood case housing a ¾” soft dome tweeter and custom 3” long-throw, 4-layer voice coil woofer with oversized magnet. The exterior is expertly crafted using one of several furniture-grade, real wood veneers, or a multi-layer piano gloss finish. The custom Digital Signal Processor (DSP), 30 watts per channel RMS Class D digital amplifier, Qualcomm aptX audio, and 4 inputs supporting playback of hi res files result in faithful reproduction of your favorite songs. Content need not equal confusion. With the touch of a preset button on the anodized aluminum front panel, Solo will power on and begin playing your favorite saved station. Individual sources can also be saved to the presets, allowing Solo to power on and immediately revert to Spotify Connect, Auxiliary, etc. Moreover, preset playback is independent and not limited to whichever source is playing at the time. Bluetooth wireless technology set up is a snap thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC). Artist and song information as well as album art is beautifully reproduced on Solo’s 2.8” TFT color display, and the artwork can even be expanded to fill the entire display. Filling your home with music is a task especially suited to Solo. Our multi-room feature allows placement of multiple Solos in a single room or in many rooms. Play the same source on all of your Solos, or different sources on different Solos. Why you can even dedicate one Solo for the left channel and another for the right channel to create a wide wireless soundstage. All of this may seem complicated, but Como Audio’s free app for iOS and Android is designed to take the mystification out of multi-room. Of course, a traditional remote is also supplied to control most of Solo’s non-multiroom functions. Versatility is another word that can be ascribed to Solo. With a USB input (which also doubles as a smart phone charger or power for an accessory like Google’s Cast or Amazon’s Dot) to playback music from a flash drive, an optical input to connect audio from a television and instantly upgrade your TV’s sound, dual alarms, wireless software updates, and an internal switching power supply that automatically detects the correct input voltage, Solo is a true multi-tasker. The name “Solo” is indeed a paradox because when you become one with the music, you are never alone.

Décor matching finishes

Our beautifully hand-crafted real wood cabinets are available in a number of finishes to match a number of Décors. We don’t believe that your music should come from non-descript black boxes in your home.

Amazon DOT-ready

We created this product to not only have a number of “on-board” sources, but we believe that many people would enjoy having Alexa at their beck and call. We’ve created a very simple way to add DOT and have all of your favorite Alexa features available to you.

Handheld, ergonomically styled, remote control

We believe that our customers won’t be able to keep their hands off our products and mostly use the convenient controls. However, we also know that sometimes you need to make adjustments from across the room.


In the spirit of keeping things phone-free, every Solo and Duetto comes with a remote control. That said, we do have a full-featured app: Como Control, which is an easy way to change things up from anywhere in the house. Available for iOS and Android. The app allows for: Switching between sources, Tune stations, Save station presets, Control volume, Multi-room control, Control EQ, Play/Pause

Style, elegance, simplicity, and one-touch operation

Leading consumer electronics Hall of Fame Legend and Visionary Tom DeVesto stayed true to a single-focused mission over the last 40 years, and that is to bring a new experience to the consumer electronics market – one that enhances and improves upon expectations. Whether he is introducing the theater experience to the home audiences with Advent and Kloss Video big screen TVs, or selling stereo systems direct to the consumer with Cambridge SoundWorks, or making high performance radios and music systems with great design and great sound reflective of another era with Tivoli Audio, Tom DeVesto never loses sight of the goal: make a high quality product that supports the latest technology — is simple to operate – has distinctive design – takes up a small amount of space – and doesn’t become obsolete. Millions of the products created by Tom DeVesto are used around the world today. He returns to the consumer electronics marketplace with a new Boston Massachusetts based company “Como Audio”. Here he will continue his goal of bringing high performance, vision, design and long lasting products to the consumer. Products that will, hopefully, continue to raise the bar on their expectations.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Streaming multi-room radio

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We spent a year studying the state of the audio market worldwide. It became obvious that there has been a huge shift to streaming music and multi-room systems that can be controlled all over a home from one location. Smart phones and tablets have led to a profound change in the way music lovers obtain and share content. By virtue of being “connected” a smartphone or tablet can be the source for countless ways to steam music. We believe this is a great step in the evolution of audio. That said, counting on your phone or tablet to be the end all be all for all your music streaming is much less than perfect. Your phone is busy enough. We feel that you should be able to stream music without the need for an external device so we built the device inside the product. Just press one button and start streaming music. You can use your phone for its intended purpose and make a call. We also think a product should look as good as it sounds so we use all metal and wood finishes to enhance the experience. We think having to live with the black and white solutions that most audio companies provide is unacceptable. So instead of trying to sell you 5 or 6 rooms worth of equipment we designed a product that you’re really like to have one of. And, if you like it enough to buy more you can link them together to play the same music or different music in every room in your house.

What makes your product special?

We go through painstaking care to create beautifully styled, hand crafted, real wood products. We also have some of the most advanced on-board technology ever created within our space.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The Kickstarter experience was overwhelming. We received more than 500% in pledges above our goal. As an unforeseen benefit, we ended up in dialog with our customers while the product was in final development. We found this to be priceless.

Multi-room music systems with one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi sound
Countless music sources including FM radio, internet radio, Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity
No phone or device needed for most functions
Hand crafted furniture grade real wood veneer cabinets for truly stunning decor matching
Custom digital signal processor and 30 watts per channel RMS digital amplifier

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